2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Exhibition Date: April 25 - May 4,2024

Press Day:

Trade Visitors Day:

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Exhibition Venue:
China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi)

Main mockup

A family lounge space concept for the MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).
A variety of seat arrangements create an atmosphere of family relaxation. Welcome Seat and a flat bed mode realize family relaxation, and variety of interior arrangements with rotating seats and long slides enables creation of a family lounge space that is like a living room.

an exclusive family-oriented leisure space cabin for MPVs

Other exhibits

Toyota Boshoku (China) × DiDi
Collaboration of a Smart Cabin Solution for Robotaxi

Toyota Boshoku (China) has started the collaboration with DiDi Autonomous Driving for smart cabin of DiDi's Robotaxi.
Smart cabin solution of Toyota Boshoku (Japan) is loaded in Robotaxi to provide comfortable interior space.
For example,
"Privacy Audio System" allows passengers to enjoy their preferred contents while interacting with other passengers, enriching their journey.
"Motion Sickness Mitigation System" aims to mitigate the symptoms of motion sickness by cooling the neck, allowing passengers to keep preffered activities in the cabin.
"UVC-LED Room Sanitizer System" keeps the cabin clean by irradiating UVC-LED after passengers leave the car, suppressing virus on seats and interior components.
"Seat Vibration Alert System" notifies passengers of their departure and arrival by utilizing technologies such as seat vibration mode and remote cotrole of viblation swtiches.

Joint Development of a Smart Cabin Solution for Robotaxi

Joint Development of a Smart Cabin Solution for Robotaxi

Toyota Boshoku (China) × Goodbaby
Cabin space for comfortable journey with your beloved pets

Toyota Boshoku(China) and Goodbaby jointly developed "Cabin space for comfortable journey with your beloved pets". It contributes to the safety of both passengers and their pets by adopting the vehicle-mounted safety restraint system same level as children's car seats.
Additionally, it equips "Vi:ease system" originally developed by Toyota Boshoku (Japan), providing pleasant and enjoyable moving moments with your pet through multiple functions such as sterilization and deodorization.

A Cabin Space for Enjoyable Travels with Your Beloved Pets

LEXUS's LM Second-Row Seat

The second-row seat of exective loung, the highest grade of LEXUS LM, are upholstered with high-grade Nappa leather, offering an excellent touch. The seats are equipped with functions to provide ultimate comfort, such as "Power Long Slide Rail" for smooth adjustment, "Power Ottoman with extension adjustment function" to hold stretched legs with relax touch, "Refreshment Seat" for relieving physical and mental fatigue, reclining for comfortable positioning, and a rotatable and retractable table.

"Power Long Slide Rail"

You can slide the second-row seats comfortably forwards and backwards with electric power. The sliding speed is automatically adjusted by seat usage. When unoccupied, the sliding speed increases for quick seating arrangement. Additionally, a manual entry mechanism is equipped, providing swift access to the third row.

LEXUS's LM Second-Row Seat

Filter Products for the Aftermarket

TOYOTA BOSHOKU cabin air filters reduce the quantity of fine particles such as dust, sand, pollen, and soot included in the air coming from outside of a vehicle. External odors from exhaust gas, fungi, allergy causing molds, as well as internal odors from smoking and pets are absorbed, providing you with comfortable interior air space.

Filter Products for the Aftermarket


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As a company that persists in proposing excellent mobility life for customers throughout the world,Toyota Boshoku takes the initiative for proposal in "safety", "environment" and "comfortable value" and aims to be a system supplier of mobility space that leads the world.

This year's booth concept is "QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE."
Toyota Boshoku demonstrates our pursuit of higher quality time and space through concept models and the latest products.