Mobility Experience (MX) Concepts

Mobility Experience [MX]

The automobile market is entering once-in-a-century transformational period. Toyota Boshoku is advancing technological development in order to respond to the evolution of technologies such as CASE (* 1) and MaaS (* 2) and changes in the consumer values for automobiles. For example, anticipating the forthcoming autonomous driving technology, we have showcased MX191 (* 3), a ADAS (* 4) vehicle levels 3 and 4 which provides timely comfort functions autonomously like an intelligent concierge, and MOOX (* 5), which can transform into various space utilization for appropriate services. We are leading the creation of new value in mobility space. We are also exploring the most efficient and appropriate functions that match the evolution of powertrains of the future – BEV (battery operated EV) and FCEV (hydrogen fuel cell EV).

Transformation of the automotive market

  • * 1Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric
  • * 2Mobility as a Service: This is a concept for seamlessly linked new mobility that combines all types of transportation other than personally owned vehicles as one service
  • * 3MX is an abbreviation of “Mobility Experience.” An automobile interior space model designed for autonomous driving levels 3 and 4.
  • * 4Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • * 5MOOX is a word coined from the combination of Mobile and Box, this means a private space that can be utilized freely while in motion. An autonomous driving concept vehicle in which the space is utilized for a variety of services.

Mobility Experience [MX] Concept Models

Toyota Boshoku predicts a society where user value changes from object-focused to experience-focused value, thus embodying the concept of automobile interior space created by human-centered innovation through a feasible model that demonstrates them. The "MX221" and "MOOX" will be displayed at CES 2022. In addition to the above, "MX191" is available on the CES 2022 Toyota Boshoku special site. "ACES" and "TFAS" are listed on this innovation site.

  • TFAS A compact mobility interior that can be transformed
  • MOOX3.0 X-ON-WHEELS Changeable interior according to various services
  • ACES Interior to watch over passengers with seamless anticipation
  • MX191 INTELLIGENT CONCIERGE Interior that always keeps watching on and makes traveling fun
  • MX221 DIVERSATILITY Versatile interior to suit diverse users

Concept Models

This intelligent interior system constantly monitors the state of passengers and provides peace of mind and comfort by controlling the five senses.

Interior layout of this compact mobility can be transformed to increase "In-Vehicle Activity". It is for from personal use to 4 passengers and provides the optimum layout for various activities while riding.


A cuddled space that will embrace the occupant and monitor them closely to provide a sense of safety and comfort

Assuming ADAS level 4, this vehicle interior model is equipped with technology that detects occupant's biological information on the vehicle to estimate drowsiness and emotions, in addition, stimulates the five senses of people with music and light depending on the situation to provide peace of mind and comfort for each passenger.

  • *ACES: Active Comfort Engaging Space
ACES was exhibited at CES 2019. "Interior space that constantly monitors the condition of people, providing safety and reassurance, and is close to human" has been further evolved and applied to MX191, MX221, etc.

TFAS Concept

"Changeable" compact mobility interior space can be transformed to increase "In-Vehicle Activity". This vehicle interior is for the era of ADAS levels 4 and 5 when the usage of cars is diversifying. It supports from single user to 4 people and provides the optimum layout for various activities while riding.

  • *TFAS: Tailored Flexible Autonomous Space

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