A MaaS concept designed for various space application such as business, dining, and entertainment, the interior is equipped with “Tailored Space System” that allows easy configuration through detachable modules.

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MOOX Wellness edition (CES 2023 model)

Wellness(CES 2023 Exhibit specifications)

  • 3D sound spealer
    8 speakers

  • Multi-layout table

  • UV-C light sanitizer

  • Depthsensor
    Body motion estimation by depth sensor

  • Emotion-evoking aroma device

  • Removable swivel seat
    ・ BCG sensor in the cushion
    ・ ECG sensor in the armrest*
    ・ Vibration device
    ・ Swivel function

    *Developed by TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD.

  • Transparent AR display

Wellness Experience

Wellness Experience (Movie)

Details of features:MOOX Wellness edition

Tourism entertainment edition (CES 2022 model)

Immersive content experience using vehicle position information and sensory stimulation control

Transparent display content overlaid to real landscape trial at Aichi Expo Memorial Park. (Movie)

Demonstration exam at Aichi Expo Memorial Park. (Movie)

Details of features:MOOX Tourism entertainment edition